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Regardless the mood of the nature there is one place in Wollongong that is always ornamented through spectacular natural view and that is the Bulli Beach. The place is located into Grand Pacific Drive and the surfs will leave you with a heavenly feeling by touching your feet. While standing ashore the mountain top viewpoint will surly blow your mind and the striking scenery of the picturesque village cannot be expressed through words. If you are planning to visit Wollongong then this place must not be excluded from your list. The tranquility of the sea will introduce you with the profundity of nature. With each season the sea changes its face and mood and imagine that breathtaking pleasure of drenching into rain while sitting on the sanded shore and what will be an awe-inspiring moment that will be if the sun starts setting into the lap of sea at that said moment. And at the time of twilight no place in the earth can be more mesmerizing than the sandy shore of Bulli Beach. With its history of a mining village Bulli is a combination of modernized town and rustic countryside. The cliff bridge of this area is a specimen and magnum opus of human’s engineering skill, read more on

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If you are bored with daily life activities then take a leave and come to rest into the peace of nature, here you can also experience the joy of surfing into the sea but stay safe by learning the skills at first. Just aside the sea beach if you want to wake up with the sound of waves then Bulli Beach Tourist Park will be the ideal choice for you. Even here you can make your own tent or caravan with clear amenities, and here you can also have children playground, laundry facilities, function room as well as sheltered place for BBQ. Here you gain the essence of a maverick’s life.

But if you are not comfortable to stay in such rustic atmosphere then for you other cheap hotels Wollongong are also available, there are various ranges of hotels Wollongong where you can find relevant rooms according to your need. There are numerous places from where you can buy food and according to the visitors the place is clean and as an additional gift there is a spa cabin and you can allow yourself to be indulged with spa therapy. Apart from that Boutique Guest house is also an alternative or try